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Football (as we've always known it) was formed during the 1830's amongst the coalfields of Northern England with the formation of the English Football Association & developed along the rail system throughout that proud working class area.

Due to that history of the game and tradition; also in recognition of all those Miners over the years; and the present day Miners and Mining Companies here in the West, there is no more suitable name for a new 'A League club than...


Glen Wood - Founder/Chairman - Western Miners F.C.
Glen Wood and a group of football enthusiasts want to see our game move along and become the number one football code in Australia.
We believe that the present system regarding the 'A' League could do with a bit of help in expanding the league so we have come up with a solution as members of our group......
For instance, how many of you would like to own the next 'A' League team in Western Australia. Lock, Stock and Barrel? With every one of you having an equal share.

That membership would first be used to financially set up the club if FFA would not offer any help.
Other money we need to run the club would come from gate takings, just as clubs all over the world try to do. But we believe that if you own a club, then you would support it and hopefully attend every home match, if at all possible.


We need numbers, many thousands, either by expression of interest or by going a step further and becoming a member this will add strength and credibility to the the task we have at hand.

To close I must point out the support we have received from John O'Connell on his British Football Show Program that goes to air on 990 Curtain FM on Saturday night at 10.30pm. The show is definately worth a listen. John will keep everyone in touch with the progress we are making along with interviews with some of our W.A. Football notables.

Please concider our cause,.think positive and get behind us to make this happen And you will be part owner of a new A League club.


The club will be a "not for profit" organisation and hope to claim charity status, with part of the profits going to medical research such as Childrens' Leukaemia and other ailments.

Most players to represent us in the 'A' League will hopefully be sourced locally. Our Junior members/owners will be encouraged to play for our club in the Junior Competitions. Our Ladies likewise will have a team in their competition.

No one person or group of persons can ever own the club and all members/owners over the age of eighteen will have just one vote.

To my knowledge BARCELONA & REAL MADRID in Spain are owned by the football fans, as well as many others around the world. .


To cater for the large number of Members/Owners we anticipate; home games would have to be played at the largest ground available and that being Subiaco Oval, where with a little configuration of the grassed areas we should be able to cater for a 50,000 crowd and again may I say make our club the greatest in Australia.


It would be hoped that FFA would implement our plans across the country, giving us a league of around 20 teams, followed shortly with a second division based along similar lines. "DARE TO DREAM"



First of all we must acknowledge Mr Tony Sage, Perth Glory owner, for his support and the loan of his P.A. to help me put together a submission to F.F.A. for a license. The proposal has been submitted four times over the past two years without success. It is forseen that substancial expressions of interest in our project would add weight to our forthcoming re-submission.  we would also like to express our thanks of support to Mr Nick Tana; co-founder of Perth Glory F.C., Mr Ron Alexander, Mr Geoff White and others at the Department of Sport and Recreation. Many thanks also to Mr Geoff Glass for interest shown when we discussed playing our games at Subiaco Oval (Patterson Stadium).

Many thanks also to Mark Caplin for his services as Media advisor/leaison.

See below a glowing list of People who have served in varous aspects of our game both on and off the field.

MICHAEL BRENNAN - Michael played football in the English leagues' with clubs including Manchester City, Stockport County, Rochdale & Macclesfield.  When he came to Australia he joined West Adelaide; before moving to W.A. and was on the original Perth Glory Coaching Staff as Assistant Coach. As with other supporters, Michael is a person who could help to foster a good relationship with "The Miners" and interested overseas' clubs. His knowledge of the game is invaluable.

ROGER LEFORT - Roger has been involved in administration of football in W.A. for over twenty years. Roger worked in various voluntary positions with juniors and became President of the Junior Soccer Federation. This followed with a spell as C.E.O. for the Soccer Association of W.A.; also serving as Executive Director of Soccer Association of W.A.; and President of Perth Soccer Club later becoming Patron.  In 1996 he was General Manager of the newly formed Perth Glory, a position he held until 2001. Roger will also be invaluable to the "The Miners" due to his management skills and history of football here in the West.

EDDIE LENNIE - Eddie has had a very distinguished career as a referee; officiating in the 1996 Olympic Games; 1998 World Cup; and in 195 N.S.L. games. Eddie is the Referee Development Manager for Football West. He is currently 'Elite Referee Assessor' for the Asian Football League & FIFA. Eddie's honours include; Medal of the Order of Australia 2008, Centenary Medal 2006, Football Federation Hall of Fame of recognition inductee 2000, NSL Referee of the Year 1994/5 and 1995/6, Western Australian State League Referee of the year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1997. Eddie is highly regarded & respected in the football community and would be a great asset to any football club.

MIKE LYONS - Mike spent much of his Football career in England where he played 460 games and scored 59 goals; he also was captain of Everton. He served on the Everton Charitable Trust & held the position of Director of Coaching. Mike was AMBASSADOR for AUSTRALIA. Then later he he spent a time as manager of Grimsby Town F.C. Mike is another person who has been able to show his merit & skills in Australia after so many years in the home of Football.

Dr KENNETH MAGUIRE - Ken is a Consultant Physician in Rheumatic Diseases & Sports Medicine. He was the innaugural Medical Co-ordinator of the Institute of Sport in Canberra. Ken was the first Censor-in-chief of the Australian College of Sports Physicians. Now activly involved with NH&MRC work at the University of Western Australia and teaching at Curtin University. His leadership in the field of sports medicine is today reflected in various appointments which include; Past-Medical Co-ordinator for Perth Glory F.C. & Medical Advisory Panel for the West Australian Institute of Sport. Ken is also the benefactor for the John Sutton Award & the Wendy Ey Award for the Annual Scientific Conference of Sports Medicine Australia. He is also a keen Football supporter and his support can not be underestimated.

KAREN RAE - Karen has been and still is generally involved in Football in many areas, probably too numerous to mention here. She has for the past several years been a member of the Football West Disciplinary & Grievence Board, often chairing the meeting. Karen, also serves as the representative for the East Zone. Although Karen is a high ranking public servant, she never fails to attend to her duties in Football. A person such as Karen to sit on any board with a Football connection can only be seen as a plus for the game.

STUART YOUNG - Stuart is an Ex-English Professional Footballer having played for numerous teams and finally with Hull City. On emigrating to Australia he joined Wollongong Wolves in the old National Soccer League and was instumental in the NSL Grand Final at Subiaco when Perth Glory squandered a three nill lead. Yes, we all remember that and Stuart has not been forgotten; in many cases forgiven for the part he played in that Glory defeat. Stuart has moved to a southern suburb and has toyed with management rolls. He is also involved in Junior Football and could be very valuable to cover the South West Area for a second 'A' League Team.

These outstanding servants to our game fully support our venture. Although their involvement is invaluable we still need YOUR SUPPORT to expand our Fan Base, expand our Profile, build financial stability & add weight to our 'A' League License application. DARE TO DREAM - BE A PART OF THE WESTERN MINERS FOOTBALL CLUB

  We must stress here, that if you want to own a club, then you must support it.

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